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Towne Square Dental
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 by Jesica L.

Eased my anxiety. Patient and calm dentist and staff

 by Logan F.

I have very severe anxiety when visiting the dentist. I recently had to get some fillings done and I am new to Boise, and chose Boise Towne Square because it was close to my home. They were by far the friendliest and most patient people I have met. They walked me through every step of my procedure, and never acted like I was being dramatic or annoying. They made me feel comfortable, and did a phenomenal job, took their time, and really made sure they were doing it correctly. Would recommend to anyone.

 by Douglas C.

The best dental experience hands down that I have ever had! I live out of town but it is way worth the drive to go to this office. Dr. Olson cares and spends the time to give very good quality care to his patients. I had two cavities on this last visit that needed fixed and he gave me one shot and I didn't feel a thing through the whole procedure. In fact, I thought it was so funny that I wasn't feeling any pain, that I took a picture of him drilling my tooth and texted it to my wife! 🙂 He is a very honest, clean and good man. I was very impressed by the professionalism and care provided by his staff. On my very first visit, while looking at my x-rays, he asked if I had been hit in the front teeth when I was younger. I was impressed by the fact that he knew I had been hit in the face by something. When I was in high school I took a fast pitch to the mouth in baseball knocking four teeth out of alignment. I had been to four different dentists since the baseball accident and no other dentist had mentioned my tooth abnormality except for Dr. Olson. He was then able to help me with some problems related to that accident for which I am very grateful. I have been going to his office for about a year and half now and will continue to go there for years to come.

 by Mark E.

Hands down, this is the best dentist I've ever visited.

I've never enjoyed seeing the dentist, ever. I've actually avoided going ever since I made it out into the world on my own.

It was never an issue until a couple days ago, when I had a wisdom tooth decide that wisdom came with the inability to eat solid food and excruciating pain.

Of course, I did not have dental insurance. After calling several dental offices, and not hearing back from a few, google reviews lead me to Towne Square Dental.

Here's the step-by-step....

The Initial Call: Aubrey, the receptionist, was very polite and did not give me any attitude whatsoever when I asked for some estimates as well as availability. A few other offices had given me an exasperated "We can't tell you until we see you". I was sincerely appreciative of this. Aubrey even informed me that the dentists could both evaluate my condition and likely extract the tooth on the same day.

The Check-In: Quick and seamless. I told them my name, they gave me some forms to fill out and that, as they say, was that. After maybe ~5 minutes I was brought back.

The X-Ray and Consultation: Again, wonderful. Han, I believe her name was, was very friendly and talked me through the process. She had a very gentle touch when putting the piece you need to bite down on for the X-Ray.

Dr. Jordan Pilling soon came in and explained to me what I was looking at, with respect to the extraction. He insisted on a secondary, admittedly more pricey, X-Ray because he found the first one was not quite showing the end root of the tooth in question. After the second X-Ray was done, he explained more risks associated with the procedure and explained the nerve in my jaw that could potentially be affected by the extraction. In a display of true integrity and character, the good Dr. said I would not be charged for the second X-Ray as it was "Just for him" and did not give any more insight than the previous X-Ray. After signing a few waivers, I was told to lay back as the anesthetics were administered.

The Extraction: There was a lot of pressure, maybe about 10 minutes or so of just "feeling" a push in my mouth. Dr. Pilling applied enough anesthetic that I felt 0 pain and out came the bloodied stump that had been making me miserable. I was given a small packet explaining proper care, as well as time to ask any questions I needed. They asked me what my preferred pharmacy was and then I was off to settle my tab, the scariest part of any dental visit.

The Tab: $270 for the total affair. Dr. Pilling did not charge for the secondary X-Ray, which he ultimately deemed ineffective and after a quick signing of my debit slip I was off to get my pain meds and begin the healing process.

Bravo Towne Square Dental! Here's hoping I never have to go back, though.

The best dental experience hands down that I have ever had! I live out of town but it is way worth the drive to go to this office. The team cares and spends the time to give very good quality care to their patients.

- Douglas C.