Family Dental Health Program

Boise Dentist

We recognize that not everyone has dental insurance, and too often our patients get “priced out” of regular preventative dental care. We’d rather see you twice a year for cleanings than several times for emergencies. We want to help you have the healthiest mouth possible! This is why we have created our Family Dental Health Program. As an alternative to dental insurance, our office’s program is designed to make great dental care more affordable and accessible for every family. For an annual fee, members of the program receive their bi-annual preventative care – cleanings, exams and x-rays – at no additional cost, and enjoy discounted prices on all our procedures like fillings, root canals, and crowns.

Affordable annual participant fee:

Adult: $225 (a $407 value)
Teen: $175 (a $447 value)
Child, age 1-12: $99 (a $364 value)



Program Guidelines